Thursday, February 9, 2012

Safari ya Baringo in February 2012- photos!

Safari ya Baringo traversed Elgeyo- Marakwet and Baringo counties and collected photos of beautiful sceneries!

Cherangani Hills in Marakwet county, which rises to above 3300 metres asl, is an important water tower. It is the source of Nzoia river and greatly contributes to Kerio river.Its peaks and forests include Lelan, Kipkunurr, Embobut, Kapyego, Kapchemutwo, Kipkanyar, Cheptongei and others.

As the road snakes down the breathtaking escarpment to Baringo, you are able to sample an array of spectacular glimpses, including....
... Torok falls

... Lake Kapnarok game reserve

... Cheplooch gorge

... the famous snake-road near Kabarnet at Kapsigorian area

Kabarnet Museum

Kabarnet museum opened its doors to the public in 1996 in the former District Commissioner Residence. It has four main public galleries featuring the Rift Valley people, their culture, its environment, indigenous knowledge and science for education.

In Kabarnet Museum the main attraction include, the exhibits especially on the culture of the Keiyo / Marakwet, Samburu, Pokot, Nandi and Kipsigis. In addition an overview of the history of the district, from pre-colonial, colonial and post-independence era are on display. While the playground, homesteads and park provides visitors with attractive outdoor scenes.

Kabarnet is a forested town. Above is an aerial view, from Seguton hill, of Baringo divisional police headquarters

The Tugen hills is quit scenic. Pechwa series of hills stretch from Kapng'elel to Ng'etmoi on the lower side and to Kaptorokwo on the upper range.

Morop hill, visible from as far as Mokwo in Keiyo to the west, and Mochongoi to the east has historical, religious and mythical attachments to it.

Above is an aerial view of Kituro area & Kirandich dam from Morop hilltop and below, is Manach valley

Lake Baringo

Shores of L. Baringo are beautiful and worthy to relax in

In L. Baringo, there are hundredths of birds species and other wildlife, including Ostriches as seen in the above photo inside the Soi safari club compound

Lake Bogoria

The flamingos of L Bogoria

After marvelling the flamingos, other wildlife and the scenery of Bogoria, a sauna in the hot springs of the lake will do the body justice

Exiting Baringo to Nakuru, a stop- over at the equator crossing in Mogotio, summarizes Safari ya Baringo this February.


  1. Did u know that Baringo is always natural beauty?have a look.

    1. yes i know and i am ready to tell others

  2. baringo is a nice and beautiful place. why? because of:
    1.lakes (baringo,bogoria kapnarock)flowered by avifaunal diversity 2.dams (chemosusu,kirandich-constructed by italians and kimau with scenic and fish beside supply of clean water
    3. nyama choma base (goat) very sweet you can,t affort to miss this unless you are vegeterian
    4. perkera irrigation scheme, popular with sweet melons, tomatoe, bananas, pawpaws, kenya seeds, onions, kale and beans
    5. tugen hills spectacular for intact biodiversity not forgetting it is the place of fossils of man and elephants. however we may soon assess avifaunal, botanical and later the others such as herpetology, ichthyology and mammology.6 terrain of it,s own making construction of roads look like ropes. this is just......nice! nice! really nice.7.this is for you....come get the expert and witness for yourself. come one come all.

  3. Hi where was that photo of lake baringo with he green grass taken from?