Thursday, May 13, 2010

How God reshaped some places later...

In the beginning,God made the universe. It was a solid thing sidelined in one corner of the sea. Then God thought, ' it needs to be widespread and separate'. With that, he contracted other earth shaping processes- Tremors, volcanos, faulting, folding and the rest. The earths crust was cracked and it tectonically separated into the now continents!

Meanwhile in Baringo, folding, a geological process where the earth's strata bends and then sink took place millions of years and still takes place...

... it has made neighbours now villagers separated by horror valleys...

... and leaving others hanging

Reaching water points (and bathrooms), a young male descends for four hours, and an average one and half days for 60 year old female, stopovers at relatives included.
In the same world, several hundred kilometers away in Chyulu, a different process reshaped the earth.It was volcanic with the most recent eruption occurring only 500 years ago. Some of its hills are still bare uncolonized rock and rills formed by melting away magma seen from far.

Picturing red hot, lava ash was thrown widespread; from Kiboko to Kibwezi to Mtito andei over 150 kilometers apart, where lava rock outcrop is now evident everywhere- a no license to go out barefoot.

Chyulu range stretches over 58 kilometers...

...they form series of cone hills, each characteristic with craters on peak...

...and forests occurring in the now very fertile craters on hill tops

The intensity of the eruption in chyulu formed real piles of elevation on a naturally lowland to an extent when you are uplands, it is so misty...

... and scorching dry when are down hill

The entire eye reaching surrounding of Chyulu has or had volcanic activities burning under. No wonder Kilimanjaro is its neighbor

This mountain's top seems so level, it gives me an ambition to take my football skills there!