Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kenya's side of Lake Jipe: A pose with the elephants

Lake Jipe is a trans-boundary ecosystem; bordering Tanzania's Pare mountains to the North and South of Tsavo East National park on the Kenyan side

A view of Lake Jipe from the Kenyan side. Across are the series of Pare Mountains in Tanzania

From the Lake, one gets a magnificent view of Mount Kilimanjaro, especially in the early morning

 Like Mt. Kenya, Kilimanjaro is snow capped. Its view is magical, you always develop an illusion that it is suspended from the sky!

 The Lake ecosystem hosts a lot of wildlife biodiversity, ranging from plants to birds; insects to mammals and many more...

...... But of them all, sight of elephants in their  herds, is a guarantee on lake shores every afternoon.

As the environmental temperature rises, each of the countless groups descend from the Savannah plains inland, to the lake. They quench, feed and and groom.

Later, near the evening after full satisfaction, they head back deep into the woods
  Lake Jipe is among the few spots where non-bothered elephants come close enough to humans....

..... and if you are that brave, you can pose or take selfies with them!


  1. Lovely images.
    One of the places we need to visit urgently

  2. Beautiful beautiful Kenya, My country :-D