Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Courtesy: http://www.kvda.go.ke/tourism.html & Safari ya Baringo

Tugen Hills in the northwestern circuit of the Kenya Tourist Federation is strategically placed along the main route of the tourist route leading one from Nairobi, the capital, through world famous sites. They include the great Rift valley, the volcanic Mt. Longonot, Lake Naivasha, Lake Elementaita, Lake Nakuru, Lake Bogoria, Lake Baringo and Tugen Hills itself, where one will sample a wide array of serenity accompanied by rich culture and paleontological history. Leaving Tugen Hill for Lake Victoria and Kakamega forest, one will enjoy passing by other famous sites in the Kerio Valley including world’s largest fluorspar mine Cheploch gorge and others.
The region abounds with tourism potential as enumerated below

The region has picturesque landscapes that include among others;
• Waterfalls: - Torok and Kessup in Keiyo district, Arror and Embobut in Marakwet district.
• Cliffs: - Rondinin (Simut) and Kipngochoch in Baringo district and Kamriny in Keiyo district.
• Valleys: - The great rift valley (Kerio valley and Suguta valley)
• Hills/Escapement: - Cherangany hills in Marakwet and West Pokot district, Elgeyo Escapement in Keiyo district, Seker hills in Westpokot district, Tugen hills in Baringo district and Mogila hills in Turkana district.
• Gorges: - Turkwel gorge in West Pokot district and Chebloch in Baringo and Keiyo districts border.

The region is home to wide rage of wildlife which is a major tourism attraction.he main reserves and sanctuaries are lakes Bogoria, Baringo, Kapnarok, Nasolot, Saiwa swamp, Rimon and lake Turkana. The main type of wildlife 
includes Elephants, Buffaloes, Crocodile, Hippos and various birds. These are fond in national parks and reserves.
The game reserves and other attraction are popular both to local people and foreigners. Average numbers of annual visitors to game reserves in atypical year are averagely appreciating annually


The region has three natural lakes namely: - Turkana, Baringo and Bogoria. Water sports such as boat and canoe tours have been introduced in Lakes Turkana and Baringo and attract non-residents tourists.
• Lake Bogoria in Baringo district is a popular tourist attraction site due to its active geyser. The geysers produce stream reach in sulphur compounds, which are believed to be medicinal. In the same area are not – which have been harnessed by the local noted industry.
• Kabarnet Museum
Artifacts depicting the cultural history of the regions communities have been collected and is played in museums. Visitors to museums are over 2000 annually. These museums are strategically located along the northwestern tourist circuit.
Tourist Accommodation Facilities
Most of the hotels in the region providing tourist – class facilities are situated in Baringo and Keiyo districts. They have combined bed capacities of more than 300.